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I hope those of you observing had a happy Thanksgiving: i am thankful for this community of sharing, thankful for you all. I don't spend as much time online as i used to, so i missed sharing wishes with you all yesterday.

I had stitched the remainder and not the sides to the hassock cover Monday night, demonstrating my my theoretic understanding of how to stitch a box was sound. I was tempted for it to be good enough, but ripped out all the seams. Thursday morning i repeated the exercise with the correct lengths of fabric and, voila, a slip cover for the hassock. I haven't hemmed it: the fleecy fabric called Minky doesn't fray much. The pattern is my own design with colors that were supposed to match the other colors in the living room: https://www.spoonflower.com/fabric/6859781-pine-trees-against-sky-by-judielaine I should have picked the less saturated blue in the palette for the sky.

I set the table, which had on it the moo-cow cream pitcher from my mother's mother and decorative salt and pepper shakers from my mother, reminding me of all my grandmother's collection of seasonal shakers. Marigolds still are blooming prettily, and so i had a small bouquet with some fading Southern Lady fern fronds and sage leaves.

Christine's breakfast casserole was incredibly good, with my parents marveling over the vegetarian sausage. Mom brought an ambrosia with unwhipped heavy whipping cream on the side; my father having stood in the way of mixing dairy with citrus. He brought rum, and made a piña colada salad for himself. Conversation went well, without too much dwelling on the depressing state of the federal government.

After we walked around the yard, then went up to the lovely park at Fearrington to walk. Christine jogged with Carrie, my Dad walked a bit more for exercise, and i chatted with my Mom. The loveliness of the day was accentuated by my photogrey lenses. A red cypress against the bright blue sky popped incredibly. I peeked over the tops of my glasses and the colors desaturated, no longer filtered for the polarized light.

It was a just-right visit. And now the table is unburdened: maybe we should have more folks over. Christine's sister & spouse come by today, for a poorly scheduled event that has Christine a little fraught.

The afternoon i rested. I picked up a yarnwork project that i started five years ago. I had acquired a multicolored bundle of crewelwork yarn, each about a yard long, many years ago. Too short to crochet much with, it is long enough to get a little knitting out of it. So i assembled a pattern with stripes and i've been knitting (well, "knooking" knit stitches with a crochet hook and trailing yarn to hold the stitches) a flat piece that -- i don't know what i will do with it when it's done. A table runner of some sort, i guess.

Today, yard work and CHristine's sister. Tomorrow, rain, sewing, a Christmas tree.

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