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I managed to give myself things to do Monday & Tuesday and got the majority done. I want to give myself room to slide because instead of an cleaning chore Monday evening, i made pan seared cod sandwiches for the post grocery dinner. Christine usually makes dinner so it was a bit more doing than average. Tuesday evening i didn't change the sheets because of Adorable Cats on The Bed.

The main thing i am proud of was that i finally made a step towards getting the garage organized. We have much stuff just as it was when the movers left it, but dirtier. I assembled some shelving and got the recycling bins on it, plus the new giant ice chest & water cooler that now make up part of our hurricane supplies.

Assembly was a bit more of a challenge than i thought, as the shelves needed cross beams. I may have not used them when the shelves were crammed into the closet in California. If i did, i'd no idea where they ended up after the move. After confirming Christine wouldn't care, i took a piece of old plastic lattice (it had been on the deck railing as a hope to keep the cats on the deck -- ha) and used that as the cross support. I didn't quite get the shelves square, but they are up, the ice chest is off the kitchen table, and we are a step closer to having a pleasant place to serve brunch at on Thanksgiving.

I am not excited about getting the garage clean: the walls in some places are bare studs.... well, i'll not dwell on that challenge. We got the septic field cleared, and the orchard is almost planted.

I've also cut fabric into the sections i need for a hassock cover. This was barely substantial work, but it was a start. The hassock is covered in an off white cover that is becoming more clay colored every day, as it's where Carrie sleeps a good part of the day.

Anyhow, incremental shifts towards doing stuff that is not outside or work. Being sick for over two months was conducive to sitting around. Now it's a bit of a habit. I'm actually watching things independent of our evening "watch something over dinner" and that's not helping. Tonight i need to sew the hassock cover!

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