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Wednesday - Brain Dump

Diagnostic writing

Hard to wake up this morning. Thought i'd gone to bed with plenty of time. Read on the phone for a good bit. Cats weren't hungry, so no motivation to stir there.

Made it to my desk at the right time, although it meant abandoning Christine without our usual quiet time together in the morning. I found her crying (which i usually have time to hold her through). So there's a little guilt i guess.

I feel dread -- of what? Perhaps it's just that this week is going through the motions and i'm not feeling/seeing the growth/development.
--== ∞ ==--

Yesterday i noticed the flood stage of the nearby Haw River. It had crested at 17.71 ft, likely to be the second highest recorded crest, beating out the previous second through fourth record holders by less than a tenth of an inch The water was beginning to drop but was still at a rare height.

Historic Crests
(1) 21.76 ft on 09/06/1996
(2) 17.67 ft on 03/14/1975
(3) 17.62 ft on 09/18/2018
(4) 17.40 ft on 03/01/1987
(5) 16.87 ft on 03/21/2003

Why not leave and go see? This is a luxury i have access to: i'm close, i didn't have meetings scheduled, it is OK to run an "errand". Christine could go too, so we went to Bynum Bridge (the same location as the pumpkin viewing) and spent a half hour marveling at the incredible power of the river.

--== ∞ ==--
You'd think that might be a boost. And i did get to walk a little out on the bridge -- which makes me think -- i'm feeling the hibernatory urge to eat eat eat, and i am missing veg from the garden.

I just went out to the green house and did a quick check on my buckwheat microgreens. They seem a little "dirtier" than i would expect from all the videos i watched, but i think i could cut some today for fresh greens with lunch. The miner's lettuce (aka winter purslane) is sprouting in their pots: theoretically it's 40 days to maturity for them. We reach the Persephone Phase on Nov 27, the point where we have ten or less hours of sunlight, and (it is said) most winter plants stop growing at that point. We are back in business mid January, so i should have Miner's Lettuce to eat by early February. Seeing how long the buckwheat takes, i should probably start another flat of buckwheat this weekend.

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