E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

Too much excitement

We had a four foot minimum Eastern rat snake in the house this morning. Possibly the same one that was in this tree right out back before we had the heavy equipment take out all the stumps: https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/12352882

Apparently rat snakes don't chase off copperheads: no one tell Christine. She feels a little friendly towards the big snake on the theory that they do.

We've decided to call him a him and name him Mr Morrison.

Anyhow, i pushed him to the door and then tossed a small towel over his head, picked him up, and gently tossed him two feet on to the front porch. That concrete was cold, and the snake didn't move off as quickly as i would have liked to see. Confronted with the broom again, he coiled himself up in a tight S shape and "rattled" his tail. I went and got a long metal hook, used to hang bird feeders or flower pots, and lifted him up with that and carried him to a sunny spot.

Christine is taping down air vents. Here's what it looked like yesterday morning.

Airvent pushed up with pink insulation all over it.

Tags: critter watch
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