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It's not really cold, but here i am in a dress and a tunic and a sweater and a shawl with fingerless gloves and a hot drink. I am sick of this cough.

Yesterday Edward brought a vole in and released it into the bed. I am delighted he's going to be protecting my fruit trees from the critters, but we don't want him bringing them inside. So -- what to do with the rescued vole? We released it in the woods. Hopefully it was far enough that a vole would make a new life for itself. Edward is finally taking to the orchard, now that the grass is growing in. (And, perhaps, now that it isn't miserably humid.) This morning, when i put the bell up on the door so Carrie can ask to be let out, Edward hovered at my feet, so i let both of us out. The moonlight was bright and Edward's pale form flowed down the steps into the pre-dawn. The stars were wonderfully bright and there was, like yesterday, no sound of frogs or insects. I opened the porch door so Edward could return via the cat flap.

I got distracted by looking at seeds this morning. (Nooooo! no more!) This time i was inspired by a New York Times reference to a succulent green Mesembryanthemum crystallinum (ficoïde glaciale). ... and oops, there i disappear again. I should really just get my miner's lettuce seeds planted in the green house and see what happens there. I'd accidentally bought buckwheat microgreens seeds instead of sprout seeds (the difference is the presence of husks), so i'm also planning a flat of microgreens. The YouTube videos make it seem like a way to riches: i'll just be happy with greens for myself. I really want to try and minimize seed purchases for a bit -- although if i play with microgreens this winter, that will be a quick way to blow through older seeds.

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