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Yesterday was a reasonable workday as i tried walking the higher level product folks from making a really expensive mistake. It seems like a wasted day because we've been around this loop before, but this time i scribbled out some diagrams which, from the snarl of arrows and boxes, hopefully conveys that the configuration idea they have results in a great deal of work. I also tried hard not to shame them, but the simpler solution involves the product folks understanding who uses their applications and how. I know that isn't as easy as it sounds, but i also want to grumble about them doing their job.

Mom showed up just at 5 pm and i made tea from herbs from the garden: tulsi, spearmint, a wintergreen scented mint, and lemon grass. I was delighted to see the green-gold color of the tea in the china cups. It was a good visit, and maybe she will stop by like that more often. (And, as i haven't been over to their place since The Cough began, i should get over to see them.)

Christine spent the afternoon with her sister at a Duke event, sharing the film, and Christine spoke about the US Health and Human Services rule making about defining gender. I hope she wasn't preaching to the choir because the effort costs her so. And that makes me think back to a very friendly screening in Chapel Hill, with some university department LGBT representative on the panel after. (Director of the program, maybe?) He presented as a white male, and i presume he was gay, and not trans. He commented on how NC politicians had used "transgender issues" as a political tool in such a way that you could hear how he thought of this as -- political footballs. Not lives. Christine did an excellent job speaking up to him, and i suppose she had to do the same yesterday: act as an advocate for seeing the human beings, the personal lives, that are being wounded by being tossed around. That night i wanted to stand up and yell at the man about the suffering Christine goes through when her fear overwhelms her.

I wonder if at some point in the 2020 election season i should turn the transgender bathroom issue against this administration: "Trump wants my wife to use the mens room," or some such.

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