E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

Sun glows low in the pines, shadows stretch across the new green grass

I didn't plant trees yesterday but rested a good deal, with two bouts of raking as exercise. I also got the worms and assembled the worm farm i purchased. Knowing how worms in an old tree container survived and worked for me in California, and how a fellow in Washington state takes garbage cans full of tree clippings and tosses in worms to get worm compost a couple years later, i'm not worried about success. But the expense of this "worm farm" is appealing when considering it looks very tidy and it will make removing the worm castings very easy. No more dumping out on a tarp and sorting out worms and half eaten bits from the castings.

I walked around the yard a bit. I know having the stilt grass whacked and dying and generally having rampant growth of the plants slow down, helps move all the to dos away from "urgent" to four months of just getting things done. I felt satisfied though. It's becoming a lovely place.

Weeds that are greening up include native cudweed and the non-native but edible chickweed and bittercress. The chickweed annoys me: it mats so thickly that i think it completely blocks sun from getting to moss. I think i will go easy on the bittercress, though. I'f i'm growing other nonnative flowers in the orchard, bitter cress is a perfectly acceptable ground cover.

I have to say, my plans for a mixed ground cover seems crazy with the green of all the new grass. I have to remember, once the grasses mature, it won't be the same as the glow in the picture.

Work day today.

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