E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

I posted about the ... gut punch... of health and human services rule making defining gender to facebook. I tend to be as guarded and apolitical at facebook as i can because i generally find it to be a problematic format and forum. I dunno, maybe i'll delete this, even.

It's been hard to find a term to describe my feeling. Gut punch is about it. Am i surprised or shocked? Not really: It's an obvious move. I suppose one can see a gut punch coming, the visceral response is there regardless of the lack of surprise. I'm not a person with an affinity for anger, so that's not stoked. I am a person who is well conditioned to shut down all feelings and just cope with moving to day to day. I am trying to let myself *feel*.

Oh my, time for work.


Tags: morning writing, trans

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