E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

Glorious day

Weather was wonderful, crisp and clear, and i worked and worked outside.

There is now a spot for the greenhouse, leveled out with wood chips. I chipped a wood pile that was stacked neatly but acted as a visual barrier that troubled Christine. So the view is now clear, too: double satisfaction from that chore.

I snipped welded wire fencing that was left by the previous owner into five foot sections that will be my supports for the "low tunnel" i'm attempting to use to grow greens and lettuces. I found the sorrel hiding in the low creeping charlie and Indian strawberries. I had been excited at a "weed" that would be perennial greens, but deer like sorrel, too. So i dug the tiny plants out and discovered deep deep roots. I hope they cope with transplantation. The bed they were in will be converted to some sort of compost pile or mulching in hopes of suppressing the weeds and having happier soil in the spring.

I cleared out my lettuce bed and the bean lattice that was to shade it. It was glorious in mid June and then deer. The lattice i had made from branches from the Rose of Sharon we cleared for the drive. There were sprouts by midsummer. I dug up the eight plants that started and potted them up, hopefully to find happy homes with friends and family. I dug up the violets and the witch grass -- the wonderful native grass i hope to encourage in as many places as i can. I transplanted them back into the orchard. Both are pretty tough plants.

In the bed i planted 15 red shallots (a variety Bonita round red i don't see elsewhere on the 'net), 15 super sweet onions, and seed from "Not Yo Grandma's Greens Patch". I added a few of the transplanted sorrel and a wormwood plant that seemed to have actually survived all the weeds.

I am so not prepared for travel.

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