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Every now and then i think i'll develop a subject habit.

Wednesday's work begins: what are all these meetings! Yikes.

Tuesday was not as productive a day as i needed, so i planned to use Wednesday morning for getting some things done for Thursday. I came in to find some meetings i needed to prepare for at a run. This is just the thing that drives me into little self distraction, self destruction patterns.

We aren't as prepared for power outages with Michael as we were with Florence. Post Florence we bought a big water "cooler" so we've got that partly filled with water.

Hazardous Weather Conditions

    Flood Warning in effect from October 11, 11:27 PM EDT until October 14, 05:30 AM EDT
    Flash Flood Watch in effect from October 11, 06:00 AM EDT until October 12, 05:00 AM EDT
    Hazardous Weather Outlook
    Tropical Storm Warning
    Hurricane Local Statement 

I love this warning, "Finally, there is the potential for an isolated and short-lived
tornado Thursday afternoon into the early evening." We'll name it Tubbs. (I don't know why my brain goes Michael -> Miami Vice -> Tubbs.) Poor lonely isolated tornado.

I look out at the haze of green that is beginning to cover the bare dirt, and think back to the bright green a month ago, grieving. And i think of the hard clay and the holes the trees are in. I'm thankful this should just be one day. Fall arrives in the wake of this storm, with the humidity and temperatures dropping.

If there are frosts before i get back from my conference trip, with floating row covers and my new "greenhouse" arriving while i am gone, i will be miffed. Average first frost date is Oct 30th, i am back on the 21st.

Last night i went out with my parents to the League of Women Voters presentation. The Republican who showed up to share the stage with the Democrat for one commissioner district was a old fashioned, pro growth Republican who brought up the county's controversial zoning a handful of times. I almost want to vote for him because i want to reward him for being there and being a civilized person.

The other pair of commissioner candidates was missing the Republican, who is rebuilding houses due to Florence. The Democrat had a chance to speak and was a good bit more partisan and finger pointing than the first Democrat. I've heard about the fellow and now i understand why the right-wing folks drag him out as a boogeyman. My inkling is that the fellow running against him shares the first Republican's platform (pro jobs, pro private property, pro protecting drinking water, what culture war?). To see them side by side would have been interesting.

At the state level, our Democratic incumbents showed up and spoke. Our senator is an African American woman, the representative an African American man. The audience was mostly in age nearer my parents than i -- a room of well educated white haired, white folks, i figure. I definitely felt i was holding down the young end of the bell curve and i don't feel young.

The Republicans running against them didn't show up. One, running for the senate, i know from online. He lives just down the street from us and we share "lead" status in the "NextDoor" on-line group. I contacted him once about some landscaping work. He was busy until after the election, he said -- it was October two years ago and he had his Trump sticker on his truck -- and he never called us back. Christine strongly believes he rejected us as a lesbian couple. I think we also rejected him as a Trump supporter. His website's list of issues doesn't impress me. He believes tariffs are going to return factories and he believes seniors are discriminated against.

The other, running for the State house, i assumed would be a good ol' boy cut from the same cloth, but he seems to have leanings to match the pro growth Republicans.

The incumbents both spoke, the senator making points about the Republican leadership in the legislature and the representative being a bit more pointed about partisanship. The senator knew how to deliver her message: i don't know enough about oratory to articulate but she has clearly mastered that art, especially compared to the candidate for commissioner who delivered his jumbled and partisan message. The representative had a very different style, and, with the senator addressing their achievements for the county, he could be more colloquial and aspirational about getting he government we deserve and the rancor and divisiveness throughout the country.

The venue wasn't intended to be partisan. It says something to me about the state of politics that it seemed that way.

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