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Ah-ha! I have discovered the piece of yard equipment we are missing: walk-behind gas-powered string trimmer. Apparently, this is just the thing for heavy brush and can cope with stumps, etc. So i could use this on stilt grass and in the meadow and along the road side without fear of hidden rocks and stumps. And we could probably get a good many more years out of our misrepaired mower and the elegant reel mower.

A rain shower passed over this morning, rewarding me for getting grass seed out yesterday evening. The ground is still wet from Florence and the almost inch of rain over the 26th & 27th of September so we didn't need much: the 0.05 inches seems just right for waking up the grass seed and making sure it sticks to the ground. Go go rootlets go!

Yesterday i had afternoon tea with my sister & mother yesterday at the over-precious nearby inn. The preparation wasn't as bad as the January visit (upon complaints of which my sister-in-law got the tea-for-two certificate that we used in part yesterday). Still, they don't know how to serve the tea without the three tier trays seeming clumsy and in the way. And they over-skew the food towards very rich sweets with only one tiny tiny scone. I do prefer tea with more baked goods and less chocolate deserts. Not that the chocolate is bad, it's just not exactly what i have in mind with tea.

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