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Triggers & Joys from Tuesday


#inktober2018 - i can play with digital ink, why not?

Dogwood berries in bright red are cheerful for so long, so much longer than the iconic flowers. One of the bathroom windows opens to a view of leaves and berries and i delight in seeing them.

Adulting (which sounds better than "Headaches")

I wrote my Primary Care Provider asking if he really wanted the three years of paper records or if he knew how to use MyChartCentral and Lucy to pick up my California provider's continuity of care records.


Phone loop trying to reach the local medical lab, where the phone number redirects to the Chapel Hill hospital, where the operator connects be back to the lab, where the loop repeats. Then the operator redirected me to the imaging labs voice mail. I could weep.

Tags: #inktober2018, depression

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