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I planted my first fruit tree, a persimmon from Stark Bros. The ground was wet: given the 27 inches of rain in August and September it's not surprising*. Where i put in the persimmon seemed OK, but where i want to put in the mulberries just seemed to still too wet. Between that and tentative green blades of grass, i didn't want to push it. I did put in three tiny blackberry plants as well: these are an upright, thornless selection that fruit on both the first year (primo-) and second year (flori-) canes. I may not have been so aggressive with the soil preparation for the berries. That should stretch out the season. (Two more blackberries of a different thornless variety are coming with the blueberry plants later this month.)

Then i pulled up piles and piles of stilt grass. I was happy to find the shade garden had done well, but the day lilies and irises had not. I need to move the bulbs (again) this winter: their next home will not be so rampant with stilt grass. I tidied half of the moss garden, just outside our bedroom window, and whacked down weeds in the veggie garden. I planted a lettuce-herb mix of seed that may work out. I am thinking about trying season extending practices this year.

I was moody over the weekend, which leads me to wonder about my antidepressants. I'm trying to tell myself i haven't done much physical activity since ... June? Which was crazy hot? I am sore from the digging (which wasn't particularly dramatic) and loosening the soil for four feet out and a foot down. And i still have an asthma flare. And so the sense of physical exhaustion is to be expected. So instead of depressed, perhaps i am just feeling tired and the aches may be more painful than i want to listen to. Well, if i keep the level of activity up, i will rebound. And the asthma flare is healing.

Meeting for worship was a meditation on racism and left me feeling very tender. I shared with Christine over lunch, and shared my witnessing of racism in Pacific Yearly Meeting that has been troubling me this year.

This morning the pines are catching clear morning light against bright blue skies, the dew point is in the 50s, and i have the windows open.

Shudder: it's spider season. Not going out the front door until Christine can relocate the very large spider.

* Average rain for this county is 45.5" a year.

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