E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

Equinox greetings

The tulip poplars had begun turning yellow in August, scattered yellow leaves in the green. And i noticed the black cherry trees' leaves falling -- also yellow. Elm leaves are beneath the elm, even if i don't notice color change in the tree. Dogwoods have red in the leaves, and i'm beginning to notice the occasional bright red of sumac. The leaves i raked up from underneath the maples were burgundy-black, but the tree still seems green.

My recollection from last year was that autumn color, as a striking thing, didn't really take off until mid November.

The roadsides are covered with the golds of goldenrods and flowers related to blackeyed susans and sunflowers.

Christine's asked after why i am interested in Joe Pye weed, a tall native plant that has a cloud of hazy pink-purple flowers at the top. I like saying the name, but i think i am also delighted to see Not Yellow at this time of year. I plan to grow great blue lobelia, which will hopefully be a lovely contrast to the golds.

Friday evening: half a glass of wine, generous drizzle of honey, powdered ginger and clove, and the mug topped off with hot water. THAT showed my cough who was boss.

I also slept forever.

I spent three hours outside on Saturday raking and reseeding, because, indeed, in many places the grass had turned brown - drowned before the roots could get established enough? Sunday morning i woke to find the tulip poplar had dropped a bunch of leaves on the remaining green grass.

I spent the rest of Saturday reading Raven Strategem by Yoon Ha Lee. I enjoyed being pulled in: the author throws you into the new world without too much hand holding. Now that i can see more of the whole of the "world building" , i am not as intrigued. I do remain interested in seeing how the servitors -- small sentient robotic beings, roomba-like -- reveal themselves, or not. To imagine a culture that isn't preoccupied with trust issues or oppressive behavior around the servants is hard.

Speaking of roombas, see this cat & the roomba).

Sunday i prepared deviled eggs, went to Meeting for Business, during which we had a hiccup in our building plan. There was an idea for a covered deck that seems to have picked up steam, but there may have been a great deal of "we can afford it and i don't care enough to stand in the way." When a request to make the deck bigger came, and no one could explain why that was an outcome of meeting with the contractor, we found out how few of us had any investment in the deck at all. There were people absent, though, so any decision has been held over a week.

I'm hoping for this lingering malaise to decide to head somewhere else. I'm already feeling deprived of daylight by the shortened days. So much i want to do outside, but between the humidity and the malaise, i am not.

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