E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

Tech fun and games: i finally replaced the phone that Carrie chewed on as a puppy and that has been a headache to charge. I also bought one of the SAMSUNG brand Qi chargers -- and it worked with my old phone (when Christine's old SAMSUNG brand Qi charger did not). So, i suppose i could have gotten out another year or so on the old phone. I'm disappointed that i did not. On the other hand, the new phone was an opportunity to move my 18 year old cell number to Google Voice and move my cell service to Christine's plan, a monthly savings. For many years Sprint was well integrated with Google Voice and i was spoiled by the voice mail offerings. I think i've set it back up, but i have started wondering what Google gets out of the service. Who is paying for Google Voice?

Mom and Dad stopped by last night and i helped them a little with some iPhone questions, giving my Mom a headset to use to talk on her phone and showing Dad how to deal with call waiting. I note both Google voice's web interface and the iPhone use a very stylized representation of a cassette tape for voice mail: i actually had a cassette tape at hand to show what the symbol was supposed to mean. (And, in obsolete tech as symbols, i realize it's been a while since seeing a floppy disk used to represent saving a file.)

Otherwise, i have a lousy cough that's been a drag since the storm. Meh. Steroids to the rescue.

We're all well.


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