E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

Sorry! Flo flows all around the house

Regrets for not posting, for anyone concerned. The cough i have and the chance to just rest listening to the rain has led to just resting, listening to the rain, reading two Discworld novels, and watching Jurassic Park with Carrie & Christine. Halfway through the movie Carrie moved from the hassock in front of the couch to between us. Not sure if she was afraid or not, but she was definitely watching!

We've had plenty of rain, and today seems to be well on its way to meet the amount from Friday int Saturday (rain gauge readings are 8am to 8am). During the first day there were some gusts in the trees that made my heart race, and somewhere a pine broke with an impressive "boom." I happened to glance out a window as a tree fell and watched the leaf covered branches race to the ground. I think i can see a new pine snag back in the woods, the orange coloration looks like it has freshly broken.

We've not lost power and are working our way through the stored water from the tap. My parents' house lost power for over a day, but they have been in Florida. All last week they were apart, my dad with his mother and my mom with her sister. Both my grandmother's and aunt's husbands watch FOX news, so my dad called multiple times a day to advise me on preparation and rant about Trump. They reunited on Friday, and we haven't heard from them. (That's not a worry at this point.)

The preparations for handling run off that we've made have been satisfactory, except for one rushed installation of a down spout extension. I need to dig a drain, i think, although i mainly want to get rain barrels there.

Carrie is really tired of the rain. I'm just sick.

The orchard area, with the tall trees surrounding and Carrie for scale

9/15/2018 08:15		2.39	Florence, day 1
9/16/2018 08:00		1.50	Florence, day 2

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