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No Flo Woes Yet

Where we are is about 15 min south of Chapel Hill, just south of the Haw River and north of Pittsboro. We're about 35 ft of elevation above the nearby creek, well out of the flood plain. We're not far from the top of the ridge, either, so there will be some water sheeting through the yard -- i remember observing the water flows with Matthew two years ago -- it's not overly abundant, and it will drain away.

We are as some risk from falling trees: we've trees 75 ft tall to a 100 ft tall (as measured by a drone) that aren't that far from the house, surrounding the house. I don't think they're likely to fall, but there's always a surprise. I'm sure we will be cleaning up fallen branches, and might need to cut up a fallen tree or two.

Power outage is the biggest issue, thanks to falling trees. We've gas and an untested generator, but we've gone for a day without power here and there without kicking ourselves over not learning how to use it. I've got the manual downloaded if we decide to finally test it out.

The most problematic issue is that the well pump is electric -- so we don't have water without power. We have frozen containers of water, gallons of purchased water, bottles and pitchers of water, and we'll fill buckets for toilet flushing.

Camping stove and food supplies are ready. Car and truck are gassed up. Cash is at hand. We've plenty of family members around in the area: it's unlikely all of us will have unlivable conditions. We can always go bunk with someone else in the worst case.

So much of the risks are not unique to this storm: the rain and wind and tree fall are always there for thunderstorms.

--== ∞ ==--

Apparently getting gas for the truck while running errands in town was a little inconvenient as gas stations run out of gas fairly frequently. Christine said it was odd that they were all out of the higher grades of gas: maybe the refills are focusing on just regular?

After work we went to Lowes to get plastic sheeting (just in case a tree hits one of the family's houses, heaven forbid) and a few more things, like downspout extensions, were added to the list. Ice chests were all gone: we'll go get one from my parents' house. (My sister has taken their generator.)
We took Carrie, as they welcome well behaved pets and Carrie was (mostly). She did see a pile of loose sand in the construction isles that she used as a rest stop -- we just swept it into the near by trash can. She did seem delighted with the novelty of the experience.

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