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storm watch

In "Not exactly Florence" news:

Elephants have come to visit. Yesterday was a relatively very bad day, compared to all the good days. The addition of storm preparation to the elephants is a bad mix.

And we had 1.30 inches of rain last night, most of it in a brief downpour. I was driving home during the downpour, slowly, high beams catching the rain slicing through the night, the drumming of the rain on the windshield deafening. This morning i have inspected where the swales had fast enough runoff to flatten the young fescue seedlings, the new channels cut in the rain garden bed. I'll put "check logs" out to try and slow the runoff in the orchard and will try to add a few more topographic changes to the sand and compost in the rain garden to see if i can slow the water a bit.

In Florence news:

Everyone is talking about how they were without power for days during Fran, a major storm that hit twenty two years ago. I am hoping that the forecasting improvements and risk management plans at the power companies will make the response better than then. On the other hand, the power company is asking folks to be prepared for days without power.

We got to the grocery store for our usual run around 7 pm last night, after i drove up to a cluster of gas stations hoping there wouldn't be lines. The lines there were worse than at the station closer to our home, and, as Christine pointed out, some of the stations had crowded tank lines even when there wasn't the additional prepping chaos.

I wasn't looking for water, but we usually get a bottle or two of seltzer. One could get flavored seltzer in small bottles. Cans, liters and half liters of plain seltzer were gone. Someone was taking cell phone photos of the bottled water isle: completely bare. The bread isle was similar, with only hamburger and hot dog buns and a few loaves of store brand white bread looking lonely on the shelves. I did note that the cracker isle seemed a little depleted, too. We didn't go down the baking isle, so i don't know if there had been a run on canned milk. Canned vegetables were quite reduced, and all the vegetarian baked beans were gone, but several isles over packaged Indian meals were abundant. I've minute rice stashed so that's a few pleasant power-out meals.

There was plenty of beer and chocolate left (and i got nice dark chocolate) so no one had hit the critical (to my sister) supplies. It wasn't a madhouse, at least.

The gas station closer to us has a very large open area in front of the pumps. I don't know if it's actually property of the station or staging for the great deal of land clearing and road work near by, but it meant that nice orderly lines could form three and five cars deep at pumps. We appeared to be next to the too-smart-to-wait line. It appears that more cars have tanks on the driver's side than on the passenger's, so the passenger side lines were shorter. Someone backed up in line so they could use the shorter line to fill their driver's side tank. And then someone pulled into the tank space from the "wrong" direction. All the other tanks seemed to have patient folks willing to wait for their turn.

Our county isn't under a tropical storm watch yet, but i expect it will be tomorrow night if today's ten-day forecast is accurate.

I've only gotten two calls from my father telling me to prepare so far. I think my sister has had three. She's trying to talk our parents into staying in Florida. I wish her luck with that.

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