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Sunday Morning:

Skipping meeting this morning. I slept in and am feeling the malaise. My sense of taste is returning though, so that's welcome. Weather continues steamy and muggy. I feel the call to do things outside but ugh, don'wanna.

Yesterday i wandered around Pittsboro with nephew and niece, visiting yard sales, the "unique stores" of downtown, Lowes, a drugstore, and the PTA thrift store. They're great kids. A long time was spent in the music store in which my nephew circled and circled the guitars before finally buying a strap for his existing guitar. He also agonized over a guitar in the thrift store. In Lowes he bought spray paint, deciding he was going to build his own electric guitar. His sister bought a water fountain kit. It was pleasant and diverting, and probably a little more tiring than i thought, especially as we walked around a good bit. The drugstore stop included acquiring band-aids for my neice's blisters.

In the evening i finally sorted out from where i will acquire blueberries, blackberries, pawpaws, and a persimmon. The local farm store is getting all the rabbiteye blueberries i need, and the small seeded thornless and erect blackberry. Then Starks Brother's has the everbearing erect blackberry, plus selected pawpaws and a female, self fertile selected persimmon.

Stark brothers also tempts me with a peach that is supposed to be disease resistant and was developed in Raleigh.

Friday Morning:

At that point i went to read about how much harder peaches are than apples to grow, and i'm not sure i see it. I think there's one more place within the orchard to squeeze a tree that will really need sun. I also did a little more checking out of tree nurseries, discovering one place in Wisconsin that had really good prices, and three different websites. And some complaints at the Better Business Bureau. I'm really not sure i think the Better Business Bureau is really the shining symbol of reliability it touts itself to be, but i did get to read actual reviews of the tree farm and ediced it was as fishy as it looked.

Then i found a really great place in Florida for native trees. I'd really love to have a beech tree in our woods, to see it's ghostly golden leaves in the winter woods. I'd use it to fill in some gaps where pines have fallen and currently the autumn olive grows thick.

A highly recommended yard person came by and she's willing to weed whack all our stilt grass and thinks it's just a few hours. And she has a really inexpensive rate of $20/hr. It makes me ponder all the men who we've worked with whose rates start at $75/hr. She's got her own power tools -- chain saws and professional grade weed eaters. Is it the "yard work is never done" quality that means she needs to charge less than the project guys? Anyhow, it's great and we will give her lots of work.

Once the rain stops.

Geeze Louise, Florence.

I may just take Friday off work because i will be distracted by the weather. I'm glad we've done some much work since Hurricane Matthew on dealing with run-off. The berms up-slope from about half the house-garage footprint will help, and i should install the rain water diverter on the most problematic downspout before the storm. I don't know if we will fuss with the generator. We should have fussed long before this. I think we will just eat out of the freezer this week and then see what happens with the power.

My Dad is in Florida with his mother and called yesterday to check on our hurricane preparedness. He wants the hurricane to head to where ever Trump is golfing. Then he started muttering about Florence hitting DC, and i reminded him that's where Muller's research is. He has been remarkably distressed about the Trump presidency, obsessed, i think. Having to be exposed to his step-father's Fox new habits is no help, i'm sure. (And he's a Rachel Maddow addict.)

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