E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

Season is changing

There's a sprinkling of brown leaves around the feet of the tulip poplars, and a few yellow leaves here and there. The black cherries leaves are thinning too, with a few slender yellow leaves falling.

The grass seed is out there. The thickly seeded areas might have been a bit too thick and the thin to thin (to balance out), but i think i still have enough seed to correct problems as they become apparent.

I've felt a bit like a hostess whose hospitality has been abused, as i walk around the garden and see what the deer have done every day. Yesterday i put up some floppy temporary fencing. My suspicion is that the deer don't seek out my garden but perhaps they do seek the fallen wild grape vine with its bounty of ripe grapes. By fencing around the peppers, cucumbers, and hibiscus there's a chance of a harvest. Then i think i will have a mostly fallow winter garden, despite all my winter garden seed. Next year, a fence.

I used most of the fence posts in the orchard, blocking off the "avenue" -- the route from the main gate to the large double tree and the picnic table. I'll get that grass well established before letting Carrie race across it. She found plenty of places to race around last night so i won't feel like i'm depriving her.

The next steps will be planting trees, nicely spread out starting later in September through November. Here in the piedmont of NC, the goal is to get trees in before our January and February cold spells and after the heat of the summer. I'm learning that roots do a great deal of growing in the winter. In some ways, i'm beginning to see the lull of winter as a rich time for a different sort of growth.

The distress i was feeling on Monday has subsided a good deal, and it's hard to know how much came from what cause. I filled in the hole i tripped in though, so there. And as it cools, being able to fill in other holes around the yard with some of the extra berm dirt will be a great pleasure: too many stumbling hazards left unresolved for so long (because i didn't know where to get dirt without causing more holes).

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