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Sunday, I asked Christine if she wanted me to stay home and help prep for our friends' visit. No need, she said, and she sent me off. Ah, i thought, we are attempting the "you're good friends, this is our life." When i returned, she was in a bit of a lather, so i fluffed and wiped down with her. Probably more efficient than if i had not gone to meeting.

We're souring on the attractive Mexican place that opened nearby: meat surprises when not desired, and some other service things that didn't quite pass muster. Visiting was pleasant, but - oh, the weather has changed back and it's muggy and so humid. Ugh.

I took yesterday off to work on the orchard. I didn't get out early, so the heat was not in my favor. I addressed the pile of rakings: limp buckwheat, roots, clods, rocks. I think i pulled out most of the roots, spread perhaps half the pile into lower areas in that corner of the orchard, and left half as a place to pile more weeds.

Bending over so much gives me digestive unhappiness, and i have not strengthened my legs enough that "bend with the knees" is a good solution. Then at about noon, i tripped in a stump hole in the old established back yard (insert cranky comment about the previous owners and stump holes) and twisted my ankle and came crashing down -- in the nicely mown grass-equivalent, at least. So that was a point for a break.

I managed to get more things on the to do list done, but between the heartburn and my ankle i was physically uncomfortable -- and i think i am feeling fear about screwing up the orchard. Tree investments. A calculus of shade and crowding and attractive space.... Now that it isn't merely a cognitive exercise but a real layout, with flags in position, i worry about having over spent on grass seed, about being over-ambitious in my wanting of trees.

Then at the end of the day i couldn't find my debit card. Much stress, much worry, calling around places. It was of course in one of the multitude of pockets in a purse i've received from my mother. I think i'm going to sew some of the pockets shut. Too many pockets.

I hope most of the distress was due to the physical discomfort, but the psychological weariness at the end of the day was much.

I work today, and take time off to seed on Wednesday. The thunderstorms i wanted to catch for watering are getting less ideal in the forecast. Hrm. Maybe buy straw? Or use the branches from the bamboo i got from my sister as straw in a few places?

I don't know what to do with the bamboo branches, they are strong but not really chippable or shreddable.

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