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Busy day yesterday.

I met up with my parents early yesterday to drive to a agriculture supply super store. The store had the best price for what i have learned are called step-in electric fence posts, which i will use to hold up the netting-like fencing around my garden. But first, i will be fencing off the best paths through the orchard area to let the grass grow untrodden by Carrie and us. Google gave a 45 min drive over if i left on Saturday morning; on weekday afternoons the possibility of various traffic snarls had the system suggesting an extra hour. Dad has been wanting to take me there, and it does look like an interesting place to discover solutions for any problem. So i asked if they wanted to do the ride, and they did, despite the tight timeline i had. Since Mom came, we rode in their car with my Dad driving. Just like in some televised sport, a countdown clock stayed in my mind's eye: i needed to be home by 9 am, would we arrive in the time i had allotted? Dad drove casually. Off the highways. I refrained from using my phone to check the time to our destination. And -- it worked out.

It wasn't the most exciting outing, but my folks seemed to be delighted to drive across the county and back for the pleasure of a long conversation in the car. I don't know that they really know how to "hang out," but they've always been enjoyable to talk with while riding in the car.

Once home i met up with the fellow who was prepping the orchard. Three hundred and fifty pounds of lime (i split between pulverized and pellets), two hundred pounds of bone meal, and forty pounds of fertilizer were spread out and raked in. Carrie was indignant that someone was doing something to her yard, and once we forgot to close the gate on the deck, and she got into the yard. And started licking up fertilizer (bat guano) or bone meal. I think she'll be OK, but it was nerve wracking.

Meanwhile, Christine had a living room adjustment to make, so i suggested moving the rug, and by the time we were done EVERYTHING has been moved. That was a bit much more than i think we had prepared for, but we've postponed getting the living room organized since we moved in. It's still graduate student decor: a hodgepodge of pieces with an emphasis on Ikea, but i think it's going to be a bit more usable. And i think Christine, too, had done some thinking about what was "hers" and what was "mine" and had recognized that a great deal was "hers." I put in scare quotes, because "hers" is records and CDs and DVDs and we both enjoy those. But she recognized that i'd never had a chance to suggest any decor items. I appreciate the thoughtfulness of that.

Poor Carrie is disoriented by the change inside AND out, and was in and out all evening. Edward and Luigi seem to have found spots in the new arrangement, and we think we have found a way that the cat tree Greycie only used might now be accessed by our big boy cats. (First, do not require a three foot leap up.)

Ecosystem & garden notes: the deer eat the ragweed, so that's something to remember. I've no problem letting it grow until it's time to prevent seeds from forming. No doubt i will continue to see it popping up forever.

Somebody ate half of each of the two trombonicino squash that were ripening, the tomato plants are stripped of leaves and setting fruit, the pepper plants have had all the top leaves eaten.... I wish i knew how much of the weeds the critters ate, because when i fence it off and they can't eat the weeds -- will it be even more weedy? Hopefully, i can find some happy level of garden work and garden produce.

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