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Grump, Tuesday's two identified plants are problematic.

The first i thought was an Artemisia, the genus with wormwood and sagebrush. Mugwort is what the leaves seemed to indicate, a non-native species. But no, i was wrong. In preparing to write this i wanted to see if Artemisia was in the same Aster family tribe as ragweed. I have RAGWEED. And it's not only in a different tribe, but a different super-Tribe.

Wikipedia is inconsistent in whether it lists subfamily, supertribe, tribe, and subtribe. I bet my notes, which only relate three levels of relationship, are all mixed up. Hmph.

Anyhow, ragweed is at least native. And an authority no less than Lineaus thought it looked like Artemisia, because he named it Ambrosia artemisiifolia, the ambrosia with flowers like Artemisia.

Anyhow, ragweed. Allergies. Joy.

The next plant i suspected was an escapee, and i was right. Perilla frutescens is called beefsteak plant, but is an Asian herb used in Korean and Japanese cooking. I found it called shiso, but there appear to be different cultivars and different names for the cultivars. I think ours smells like chocolate, but i only see descriptions of anise and cinnamon like spices.

It's considered invasive in Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Tennessee. North Carolina Native Plant society classes it Rank 3 - Lesser Threat (Exotic plant species that spread into or around disturbed areas, and are presently considered a low threat to native plant communities in NC). I'll admit it's mostly across the street in the power easement and along the roadside. I think i'll give it a nibble and see what i think. I'm not managing to do anything with all my basil and mint; maybe i'll get motivated to distill them along with this plant.

--== ∞ ==--

I made two plant mistakes at the nursery on Friday. I meant to pick up summer savory but got creeping savory instead. Since summer savory is an annual, this is for the best (and leaves me wondering about where it was on my Richter's wish list.)

Then i picked up something labeled Burnet in the herb section. It's labeled with the species name of an Alaskan burnet grown for flowers not the European burnet grown as a salad plant. After much reading i think it is the salad burnet. Argh.

I've posted to Dave's Garden https://davesgarden.com/community/forums/t/1484639/ -- this may be only available to subscribers.

--== ∞ ==--

The other part is contractor hell, where the reasonable sounding owner said he'd come look yesterday but sent the problematic team lead. Who just seems sloppy and unprofessional. Anyhow, i want the manager to see the work. Did the manger talk to the team lead or the team lead tell him i still wanted to talk? No. So, i should see the manager today.

In good news, problematic team lead got the fence posts of the old fence out of the yard and it looks wonderful with out them as a distraction. We still have vinyl stuck in the ground but it's far more attractive.

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