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Too much

Too many meetings yesterday, with the first two with me "on". I was exhausted at the end of the work day. I crossed my fingers that we would have another 24 hours without rain (so i could burn roots tonight) and watched TV all evening.

I discovered a silly Netflix comedy in French called A Very Secret Service. I'm not sure how many episodes i can watch, but it wasn't too repetitive in the first two episodes. Set in 1960 in some bureaucratic division, a young man is recruited ... and trained? I suspect i find it mostly amusing because the focus of the humor is not familiar. Each episode so far has poked at the French treatment of African colonies or dependencies: with the service ignoring the delegations and not being able to cope with the African names. I fail to see how the suit the trainee wears is so problematic because i certainly don't have an eye for suits: i do wonder if suit snobbery over barely perceptible details is the joke.

Also watched Doctor Who and Father Brown and the first episode of The Waltons. That is so not a Virgina mountain! I was told, growing up, that Walton's Mountain was just down the road from the mountain my great-grandmother lived on and certain folks were identified as the moonshine brewing sisters. I don't recall failing to recognize the landscape when i was growing up.... Maybe later episodes replace the scenery in the opening?

Today we have our fingers crossed that a numbness around the mouth Christine is experiencing will be easily solved by standard dental interventions and is not a sign that Christine's peculiarly impacted wisdom tooth is causing more distress. Almost twenty years ago its removal would require breaking her jaw and such risk and expense that the surgeon suggested she just put up with the discomfort.

Christine is practicing a remarkable amount of equanimity in the face of this: i think i am more worried than she is.

[Later] Good news and really irritating news. Good news is there's an alternative to the full, expensive, risky and long surgery to remove the impacted wisdom tooth: she's likely to be able to get by with a partial removal that can be done in office. The irritation is that Christine asked if the office we were going to had all the right diagnostic equipment. Yup. But no. It's the same equipment, but not the level of resolution needed to image this particular issue. So, next week imaging, and then eventually the surgeon will be able to sort the issue and suggest the treatment.

This dentist is a good communicator and gets along with Christine. A handful of years ago Christine had other major dental surgery done and the whole thing was very traumatizing. She's handling this so well right now: i'm hopeful this will not trigger the cascade of traumas and flashbacks the previous surgery did.

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