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Yard News

It didn't rain for 24 hours! I mowed! I'm particularly happy to scalp the grasses in the glade to give the mosses a chance.

I also continued to weed whack the drive way island that i had seeded with native flowers. You can see some yarrow, blanket flower and blackeyed susans struggling in the presence of the nuisance stilt grass that is about 4 ft tall. Else where i would try to get the stilt grass all the way to the ground, but here, i want to leave the natives. My hope is that in the two and a half months of growing season to go, the natives will get sunlight now that stuff is whacked between a foot to three foot high. Even if the stilt grass sets seed, the natives -- i hope -- will be able to out race them next year and more so the year after that. It's a long game.

Then i went around picking up rocks in the orchard to be while Carrie ran around like a wild thing and the light faded. I was able to shore up the base of the down stream end of one of the berms. I assume that's where most of the erosion would occur.

I've got a person who says they'll prep the yard for seeding fescue at the end of next week and another guy who says he'll come look to give me an estimate tomorrow or Saturday. I'm thinking i'll get an estimate from the second guy as part of my due diligence. Contractors. Ugh.

We are still waiting on gates for the fence. Christine is simmering with irritation, spiced up when she finds trash they didn't pick up.

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In documentary news, the 30 minute cut film documenting how Christine's family handled the her/our transition has been part of the PBS Online Film Festival (Read about it and watch it here http://www.pbs.org/filmfestival/2018-festival/ties-bind/). While the film didn't win, the Producer and Editor of American Experience ranked it #2 and the FRONTLINE writer, producer and editor ranked it #1. Christine was so delighted. The process has had a great deal of pain for her -- revisiting over and over painful episodes, composing music for the film and having her sister dismiss it (some of her music did make it into the film, though), providing critical feedback and editing advice and not having her technical contributions recognized.... And finally, Christine did the original edit from the hour long film to the 30 min PBS film. Having the FRONTLINE editor approve of the film is wonderful for her. I'm so proud.

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