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Sunlight! There was sunlight yesterday and blue skies! Christine was essentially leading elephants around with her all day, which dulled some of the delight of blue skies, but i did get some time to enjoy blue skies and the lush greenery. We walked Carrie at Fearrington's Camden Park. As much of the chI also weeded, which is a different type lush greenery experience. Mowing is desperately needed.

I dug up some of the potatoes in the north trench. If all i was doing was digging them up it would have been a waste, but i was mixing the layers of clay and char and soil, delighted to see how brown and friable the soil seems to have become. I crumbled some of the larger clods of clay. It's an interesting soil structure, almost proto-rock? Some clods are pliable clay, like one would make pottery with, but this other texture after the clod has been baked and weathered.... Maybe it's more proto-brick? There's something pleasurable in having the fist sized clods shatter into the pea sized clay-gravel.

I picked a good bit of the corn. I don't have a good harvest as i planted the plants to densely. I kept planing to plant more and then ran out of time. The cobs were all lovely, even the four ones with mold or mildew or whatever. Shades of purples and garnet: i may have been bit by the corn breeding bug.

The next question is whether i should bother with squash for a few years, thanks to mildew. I don't really have enough area to rotate crops. Hmm, "Purdue University reports that all types of squash are tolerant of juglone." The area i'm thinking of isn't deep shade: perhaps i could plant there next year. I keep looking at some of the yard crepe myrtles thinking how i could have more without them.

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We watched The Post last night, where i delighted in the technology. Hot type! I followed up by reading about the museum and letter press studio where some of the printing scenes were shot.

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