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August's average rainfall for this county is 4.76 in. With the 3.3 inches we had yesterday, we are well on the way to done. I think Christine was ready to drive off and go get the water containers yesterday.

Most of the rain came down in a couple hours as lightning crashed close to the house. I unplugged things, as Carrie stayed very close to me. It was quite dark outside and somehow we managed to stay in the narrow band of intense weather for quite a while.

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I attended a class on Change Agility. The professional development classes available to folks outside of headquarters are few, so i try and pick something just to encourage the opportunity. I wasn't expecting much out of the course because i take most changes fairly well -- but "meaningless" disruptions during the work day, those i don't.

I used "power outage" as a short hand for the type disruption i was thinking of, but that didn't catch all the elements of the disruption type i had in mind. I was thinking more of the issue we had with the wifi earlier in the week where it took hours to resolve. I was more disrupted by that than the actual internet outage we had when the line was cut, i think. The elements of disruptions that cause outside derailments for me are that they are unexpected but also my responsibility. So, when our phone line was cut, i wasn't the person responsible for repairing it. Off i went to the library. But with the wifi, once we established it was our tech, not the external line -- initially it seemed it was a failure with my work computer and i needed to sort out enough to contact our corporate help desk.

The coordinator was willing to take disruptions in as a type of change and i kept the situation in mind through out. It was at the very end, where we discussed the "Embrace Opportunity" strategy that i could see why these disruptions bothered me. The slide was the first one to have an animation: a Venn diagram first of two separate circles, one "change," the other "goals". The circles slid until they overlapped and then appeared "opportunity" at the intersection.

I could see why i get derailed at work where similar issues in my personal life don't derail me (as much). I will have a narrow work goal and the disruption seems to have nothing in common with that goal: no overlap, no opportunity. The disruption is experienced as all cost, and i am resentful and mad and move to a sulky "learned helplessness" response. Doom, it's all doom.

Somehow, i need to expand my goals to encompass some overlap with the disruption: i believe this is the rhetorical "bigger picture."

I'm not entirely sure how easily i'll be able to do that, but it's a start.

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