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Moving at the Speed of Procrastination. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Aug. 1st, 2018|06:41 am]

This is the weather where the fungi take over. There's a two Farenheit degree difference between in and out, and every double pane window is coated in condensation. An army of mushrooms is probably mustering in the woods. A newighbor's cat has gone missing: eaten by a fungus?

I'm sitting outside with Luigi, trying to judiciously slap mosquitoes and leave the hoverflies be. The fence means i can leave him out to go in and get tea and take care of other momentatry morning needs, but i honestly think he wouldn't leave the damp wood of the deck for the wet grass.

I was in a snit most of yesterday, but i did reach outto a nearby landscaping company to see if they were interested in prepping the orchard for seeding. It's weeks for the seed to germinate after we get the ground worked up: i'm going to be much slower at working up the ground than a professional will be. So, fingers crossed that i can find someone who can spread the necessary phosphate and lime and organic matter, till it in, and rake it into a nice seed bed quickly.

The buckwheat, while providing a visual ground cover of green dotted with white blossoms, really doesn't do much when it comes to puppy feet. Cleaning clumps of clay will be on the to do list for months.