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We grieve. My sister's cat of eighteen years passed on Sunday. I sent a food gift to my step-grandmother's daughters along with my condolences for their loss.

The weather is so odd. I understand the west has had a heat wave this month, but it's been remarkably mild. And this weekend we had rain, over 2 inches. Yesterday in the late afternoon we had another half inch in a fifteen minute downpour. I went out and looked at the overflowing rain garden, which was not sized for this much rain.

I've just spent time revisiting my sizing for rain barrels. I was trying to find a sweet spot for cost per gal. In the "barrel" scale, smaller can be cheaper because less water requires less strength. Then, getting larger, at some point the big tanks drop down to the less than the cost per gal of a 55 gal drum. Given the rain patterns for this summer, inches of rain then weeks without, the larger tanks now look reasonable. I think i could talk my Dad into going to a regional agri-supply store with his trailer, and we could avoid a shipping charge.

I've binged on Netflix's Defenders miniseries. I enjoyed it, particularly how the lives of "sidekicks" were examined. The discussions between sidekicks about their role in saving lives were as engaging as the rest of the drama. I think, too, i wouldn't be able to take large doses of any of the hero characters so the ensemble worked for me. Working together dynamics seem likely to be more engaging than individual angst. On the other hand, i am a little curious about Jessica Jones. Her character development wasn't that developed. (Most of the "development" had to do with Luke Cage and Daredevil, it seemed to me.) Jessica was just bleak. What is a series focused on her like?

We have resolved to cut down the Rose of Sharon and apple tree in front of the house. The apple tree seems pretty rotten, and rehabilitating it is hard given the brutal "topping" it received. And it seems the trunk has rotted away at the ground level half way around. (Which might be why it was topped? As a hope that it wouldn't fall over?) The Rose of Sharon has a "multi stemmed trunk" -- many branches radiate out from its base. The central one was dead, and easily fell when i tested it over the weekend. Ants came welling out of the trunk in protest. The remaining branches all lean out and some split with last winter's snows. I'm wondering if we cut it low in the winter if new sprouts would form. Perhaps then it could be kept a little smaller and less sprawling, giving us some more seasons? I cut the lilac back hard last year, and this spring it seemed pleasant.

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