E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

We will miss our Greycie Loo.

She had cried out in pain last night when we pilled her, and fell from her reclining chair while moving in the night. I'd left for the library this morning before she tried moving around much, but Christine observed that she'd lost control of her back right leg. The tumor in her spine had finally disrupted those nerves.

I came home at lunch we had teary conferences. I touched and moved her back legs gently as she reclined in a dog bed on the floor. One responded, the other did not. Like her dead tail, that leg too had no vitality. Christine got us an appointment with the vet.

Greycie was clearly in pain when she tried to stand and turn. But she wanted to go outside. We carried her out, and tried to settle her in the dog bed on the grass. She got up and staggered through the fence, collapsing on the other side. I ran around and kept an eye on her. I had had an idea of running a ribbon around her tiny waist and lifting her back end as she tried to walk. We did that for a while. It broke my heart to see her so wanting to DO, to GO, and to imagine the pain. Christine and i cried may more tears.

When we arrived at the vet, both the vet tech and the doctor remarked on how much weight she'd lost. Despite syringe feeding cream and broth and baby food, she wasn't eating. And the x-rays from less than a month ago showed a fairly clear erosion of her spine. I think the doctor was glad we were ready to let Greycie go.

I've thought much over bringing Greycie home the first day, remembering the sweet nips from that ride home -- she gave gentle nips to me (to us) to get our attention up until very recently.

https://elainegrey.livejournal.com/1213198.html This entry about Greycie joining us illustrates that we hadn't decided on the spelling early on.

I think of how Greycie Loo bridged our cat communities: she joined us after GreyBrother died, but she knew GreyBeard and Mr M, and she knew Edward and Luigi.

We will so miss her.

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