E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

Two steps forward, one back

I took the day off to spend a little time with my brothers family and do some yard stuff. Turns out the fence guys could do today as well. So I left the house with my sister's son W at530am and met up with my dad and brother's son Z at Harris Sharon lake 6 am. Calm mirrorlike lake, mist rising to the clearing clouds. Great blue herons were fishing along with the boys. W caught a 14 inch bass. I simply enjoyed the bird calls, the light on the trees and Water and the company. I left the lake at 9. 
I got home just as the fence guys showed up. We hadn't Quite communicated Well, so I wasn't expecting them but it was OK.  Until they broke the phoneline.
Christine spent well over an hour trying to get a repair in a timely manner. Tuesday is the best they can do.
So- no internet AND the fence we had is down so carrie can only go out on leash.
I think I will go see what I can ri g. It's tempting to try and splice the line myself.
Tonight is dinner out with the clan.


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