E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

Little notes from Tuesday Morning

In preparation for my brother's family's visit--Typhoon N, let's say--i have ordered fluorescent paint and black light flashlights, purchased Joy and corn syrup. I'm hoping fluorescent bubbles this will be fun for the kids. At the worst, it will be fun for me. [The flashlights arrived. I missed the battery requirements, which are manageable but a missed point in my cost calculations. The flashlights are also a little flaky.]

The same order included a toroidal magnet on a telescoping handle with LED lights through the magnet. This illuminated magnet-on-a-stick is essentially the suggested solution to my dropped screw (along with taking the hopper off to try a different opening to the chipper-shredder housing). Christine "I do not want to be a farmer" went and cut down more autumn olive yesterday so i have a growing pile of chippables awaiting me. She doesn't want to be a farmer (or landscaper or forester) right up until the moment she sees something that displeases her, and then she wants to fix it. Right Then.

In the evening we saw a doe grazing on the buckwheat with fireflies flashing around her. I realize that my view of garden and yard from my work desk is a pleasure denied her: one of the irritating things about this house is a paucity of windows. She was sad when she reflected that we would be preventing the deer from grazing in the same area in the future; i was watching the efficiency of the deer's dining and was thinking how quickly my chestnut seedlings would disappear in her maw. We haven't cleared the area off the back porch yet. Currently "the thicket" is between the mossy glade and the the orchard area. I noted that i plan to make that a very deer friendly area. As friendly as we can with Carrie inside the orchard. Admittedly Carrie is a remarkable canine and seems delighted to spend her nights on the hassock including watching TV with us, her days on the bed, and then between 5 and 8 pm she wants to run around. I hope the orchard area will bring her more stimulation.

I bought a sewing machine. My current one was given to me for babysitting my sister when she was ... one? So the machine is just under forty years old. I may regret buying a new one. If this new lighter machine is not particularly outstanding compared to the old one, i may just return it. I'm currently feeling guilty for not choosing to tune up the old one. But if i don't use the old one because of noise and clumsiness, there's no point either way. Anyhow. Consumer culture, me.

This morning is yet again cool -- but not as dry. Indeed, "68°F, Feels like 78°" (20°C, Feels like 26°)* I opened the windows for a bit, but could sense the dampness. Ugh.

* Every time i reload the weather page the "Feels like" calculation bounces up and down, as if the system can't get a read on just how humid it is. I think it might be some function of the actual humidity being higher than the predicted humidity.... How odd. I want my own weather station.

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