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Greycie Loo is doing well, all things considered. She's getting around the house, and the Sunday afternoon appetite stimulant (mirtazapine) had her eating a good bit. I wish it worked longer, although it's scary how well it does work. She lacks any appetite after the stimulant wears off. Her next dose in Tuesday. (It had been every three days.)

--== ∞ ==--

Yesterday, elephants were around all day.

The weather, however, was divine, and i spent a great deal of time outside. I recognize that no matter how comfortable, i don't do well in direct sun. Fortunately we have plenty of shady bits. We'd had 1.8" of rain in the previous 36 hours. And then this cold front moved in with dry air. Highs in the mid 80s, lows below 60! (29.1 °C to 16.4 °C) Incredible! Unfortunately, i used all my spoons before it was dry enough to mow. The temptation to take some time off this morning is huge.

I mostly weeded, sometimes carefully around existing pepper plants and brassicas (ravaged by critters), sometimes more of a total clear out. I pondered as i pulled that i should sharpen all my tools. My dad says he just takes his sharpened square shovel and scrapes down between rows. I've put so many small branches down between rows as mulch & mud stabilizer i think scraping would be a bit more complicated. I put leaves from some of the bearsfoot (Smallanthus uvedalius) and stickweed (Verbesina occidentalis). Both of these are very tall cousins of sunflowers, with the same thick hollow stem and massive leaves. Instead of annuals, though, they are perennials. Perhaps more like sunchokes with their tuberous roots. In general, i like them as pollinator plants, but realizing that i could use them as mulch solved a little problem.

The chipper's guidance says to sharpen after every six hours of use, which i figured i'd managed.
Then i dropped a screw down in the chipper when i was taking the blades off to sharpen. The blades seem very sharp still, so that makes it all the more annoying. That took a little off the day, plus a sense of malaise briefly described as my guts being in knots.

I'm giving up on any new harvests from the garden other than all the potatoes i need to dig up. The deer have it this year; next year i'm putting up temporary deer fencing, and using staples to make sure rabbits can't get in either. I might get some squash -- it looks like these plats are out stripping the nibble effect. And i think there will be peanuts... OK, i'm not giving up.

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