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We did our best to relax yesterday. Christine put aside her e-commerce headaches and lugged a large log to mount our "Go this way " sign so people might go counter clockwise around the driveway "circle." The problem is that the "circle" is a tilted tear drop, so as one drives towards the house, the counter clockwise direction requires one to veer right as opposed to straight ahead. I don't think people are going to follow the driving direction, especially since Christine herself often goes straight.

I'm not excited at the idea of posting all the controlling signs Christine wants: yellow reflector strips to draw attention to the "go this way" sign, no hunting, no soliciting, no concealed firearms or other guns, etc. She actually took down the welcome sign on the front door in a fit of honesty. She doesn't really welcome people to the front door.

I spent time with my parents, letting Carrie race around in their pasture. I also went to hang out for dinner and a family gathering at my sister's, wherein i had an awkward conversation with my sister's sister-in-law (she wants my landscaping ideas, i need to write and explain how i don't exactly landscape) and with my sister's brother-in-law (Elon Musk is his hero; he's probably working on Volvo's self driving trucks and my off side comment about robots taking jobs didn't impress him).

Thinking about Carrie in my parent's pasture, i wonder if our orchard area will be big enough for her to get a good run.

I also worry i want too many trees than can fit. Tree sex demands are annoying. Apples need pollinators and there's complicated considerations of which tree clones can pollinate other tree clones due to when they bloom and other details. Seedling chestnuts and seedling pawpaws just need a pollination partner. I could get female red mulberry clones, but the fruit would be seedless, defeating my plan to be the epicenter of native mulberries spreading through the woods. I need a red mulberry male. I haven't delved too deeply into the issues around native persimmons, but it looks like one needs a pollinator. I'm thinking i will crowd some plants, growing two or three close together, maximizing pollination and minimizing foot print. It sounds like some folks will graft male branches on female trees for fruit that needs that sort of pollination.

In other gardening news, the gladiolas are doing exceedingly well, surprising me no end. I was so casual in my care for the corms of the rescued plants. The pink rescues and the dozen magenta (kinda Pantone 215) impulse-purchase flowers do complement each other well. The deer have amazingly let these be (relatively). I've also zinnias blooming: so easy! On the other hand, the marigolds were so easy last year, and this year no luck. Even with the marigold dumping piles of seed in the garden. It's odd.

The poppies went to seed while i was in Ohio, and were sort of a bust this year. They were lovely flowers, but i wasn't able to harvest much seed. I do expect enough seed fell in the row that i am dedicating to flowers that next year there will be volunteers there. The borage also died in the hot dry weather. I need to clean out that row, leaving the struggling alyssum, and replanting borage and some sunflowers.

Thinking about compost: i wish the deer, who eat so much of the organic matter in the garden, would poop somewhere i could collect deer manure.

I dreamed i was laid off last night in an auditorium-like setting, and i slapped the person who gave me notice.

Done: replied to good ol' boy fencing contractor's gate design email and explained the week of radio silence. Replied to barefoot fencing contractor with our decision to go with the utilitarian solution (cough: done in days not a month! Welding instead of PVC pipe gerry-rigging!), our desire to do another project with him, and our distraction due to Greycie Loo's illness.

Done: contacted one mobile vet to see if they offer euthanasia, one pet cremation service ("water" cremation) to see if we are in their pickup zone.

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