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Much elephants yesterday. I think that on the whole elephant issues are improving, but in the throes of stampedes Christine despairs.

Dear Universe,

I would very much appreciate it if we could have a month of courteous, competent, and polite interactions with other human beings. For instance, if nurses would not phrase their requests as "If you don't come in for a physical, we won't renew your prescription," which has a tone of blackmail to it, and would instead be a bit more gracious. And if the car shop would not give an appointment for 9 am when they can't look at the vehicle until 4 pm. And if the fencing contractor would look at the dimensions they wrote down for their estimate and reflect that if one side is about equal in distance to the three other sides that the shape of the enclosed area might be a bit odd.



Greycie's health condition is still concerning. I so hope that they find something obvious and acute that can be treated and that this isn't some chronic condition. It's come on so fast, it seems. Her blood work is good, so that was good news.

I've been smitten by her since we brought her home from the rescue. So dear.

Due to a stack of things going on yesterday, i took the day off. Not on the to do list was getting a soaker hose, but i did, as well as a few quick release hose couplers and a sprinkler. I've stretched out the soaker hose on the berm where i have planted the rescue plants. With the current dampness, is should probably get the flower seed in. I was delighted to see little white radicals extending out from the buckwheat yesterday. We've another few days with lots of cloud cover, so i can hope that those questing roots can find some way down into the clay before being baked. I fear many will not make it, but i hope enough to actually get cover.

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