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08:00 So, yesterday the forecast predicted almost an inch of rain overnight. I took the afternoon off to seed the orchard with buckwheat seed (and pick up roots and dig up rocks). We only had six hundredths of an inch instead. It's probably for the best: i was worried about the rain falling hard and fast and washing all the seed to the lowest spots. This way the seeds will get stuck in the clay, i hope. On the other hand, i will need to water water water at lunch. (I'm assuming it won't be raining then, despite the forecast.)

11:30 Oh, yay, some more rain happened, although i don't think it was that much.

13:45 Still raining, yay.

16:00 Well, we have .3" in the gauge. Just a dozen miles east of here the forecast calls for heavy rain, to the extent that there's a warning. But not us.

Meanwhile, an elephant stampede early this morning has deepened my disappointment in the day.

Greycie Loo found a new hiding spot, so when we couldn't find her i became distressed. Her discomfort, which has increased over the past few days, had us call for a vet appointment Monday morning. This afternoon was the first time she could bee seen. With her so hidden, i became horrified that we would find her dead, and i flashed back to finding GreyBrother dead. GreyBrother's decline was much more expected and understood, with us on the watch for the point at which we would help him on his way. Greycie was energetic and levitating and in high spirits just a short while ago: the first sign of anything amiss just over a week ago. She's so out of sorts, thin, slow moving, cranky (hiss yowl hissssss) --- i feared the worst. Her nook in the closet required moving just the right coat to look down in a corner. Both Christine and i had searched the closet several times before. The last time, i heard her bell ring, and dug deeper.

She's at the vet now and has been given pain meds. They'll do bloodwork and have x-rays scheduled (presumably for when the bloodwork comes back). She's lost a lot of weight.

Poor sweet* little girl.

(Greycie Loo is sweet like a prima donna or queen is sweet. Not really. But we adore her nonetheless.)

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