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Driving up to the house, two years later

Driving up our blue gravel driveway, the tunnel of green is still crowded to the driver's left by autumn olive arching into the drive. A pedestrian might notice the white perfumed flowers of spotted wintergreen low to the pine-needle covered ground and the sensitive ferns and clumps of sedge transplanted to the right side of the driveway from the orchard-to-be. The drive forks, where we will eventually have a sign that says "Go This Way" posted, so people will follow the fork to the right instead of going straight. The fork has a copse of trees, with fading daffodil leaves, violets, a clump of ferns and moss (also transplanted) that make the point of the egg- or teardrop-shaped driveway island.

In front of the driver is our garage, weathered cedar siding like the rest of our home, with dingy fiberglass garage doors down or up and revealing a space crowded with moving boxes and yard equipment. One or both of our vehicles would be parked in front of the garage. If the driver paused, they would be under the shade of one of the black walnuts. To the right of the house there's a meadow with what appears to be a traditional split rail fence (but none of the rails are split) and tall grasses beyond. That's what was the overgrown septic field. Daisies bloomed in May, and i've hope for bright blossoms from the bee balm later this summer. Right now it's seed heads of fescue drying.

And there's a giant chicken sculpture.

The purple blossoms of the crepe myrtle might lead one to mark the (also dingy) white plastic fence surrounding the back yard. The concrete riser for the septic system and a pile of gravel are also there in an expanse of mown green.

In a month or so, i'm hoping the green weeds to the right of the driveway reveal flowers. A Jerusalem artichoke has a fat bud this morning and the sword shaped leaves of gladiola spear out from other greenery. I've planted zinnas and sunflowers and lots of other plants.

If the driver continued round the island, they'd simply see a jungle of greenery in the round part of the island punctuated by a metal sculpture of a bumble bee. They might notice the few white yarrow blooming. Walking, one might notice the single spiderwort's blue blossoms or a yellow coreopsis bloom, and the stump with a rain gauge resting on top. I suspect most of the plants in the native flower mix i planted there last winter will require another year before they bloom. And the phlox i planted in the foreground have been well dined on by deer.

A brick walk to the front door is separated from the driveway by a small mossy ditch and some shrubs. The ditch, lined with local rock, disappears under the the drive.

Many drivers just stop here. It's reasonable for a delivery driver to sprint up the walk in the shade of the magnolia, up the wood stairs, and to plop the packaged down on the red concrete floor of the porch between the blue-green chairs before sprinting away. But there's a parking space on the other side of the walk way and the circle of the drive is wide enough that one can pull to one side or the other to park and allow others to pass. I just don't understand just parking in the middle of the drive. Brother N--, i'm looking at you.

Waiting on the porch, a visitor might take in the the little courtyard area bounded by the kitchen window, garage wall, and sheltered by the saucer magnolia. Three long haired cat sculptures in concrete, each a slightly different color, are congregated among ferns and violets. The wider yard -- one end of the raised herb garden, the tulip poplar with the large green leafy growth of the bears foot plant, the garden plot beyond with corn, poppies and onions blooming, and the mysterious pole with white guidelines, more crepe myrtles and a bed of flowers with a few lilies -- gold and burgundy -- blooming as well as something yellow. At this distance, one can't really make out the safflower plants, just the bright yellow tuft at the tip of each thistle-like flower.

--== ∞ ==--

Meanwhile, i can hardly talk today. Joy. I wrote to my doctor to see about getting a blood test for any particular deficiencies.

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