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Sour sour [Jun. 5th, 2018|11:30 am]
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Yesterday i drank most of my water with a dash of slightly sweetened oregano vinegar. (I haven't added enough sugar to really think of it as a shrub). It's a bit like adding lemon juice in the level of tartness. The oregano comes through lightly. I didn't add so much sugar to the vinegar because i think it might be good in a sauce or dressing.

Last night we bought insulated grocery bags and packed our cold things in those and ate out after our grocery shopping. We went to a beer and burger place that has several vegetarian burger types (one quinoa, one black bean) as well as fish and crab burgers. We both had decadent cheese dishes. We've started eating at the bar there, and so i order a beer. I ordered "Sweetwater Tropical Lover," a Berliner Weisse style beer (says the menu).

I enjoyed the tangy taste but there was something familiar.... and then i realized that the vinegar flavoring in my water all day was what resonated.

When we got home, i took Carrie on a short walk down the grave road opposite our home. At the end, Carrie was greeted by dogs T-- and C--- with the usual raucous barking. Sa-- stopped mowing and came over to let me know that their neighbor is "freaked out" by the barking, and could we not bring Carrie all the way down the road. I will certainly comply, as it is their road, but i am a little taken aback. Does this mean we can contact all our neighbors with guns and let them know that shooting distresses us? I actually looked up the noise ordinance once, i think i concluded it was unlikely Carrie's barking would break the ordinance.


[User Picture]From: mac_arthur_park
2018-06-05 05:11 pm (UTC)
I'm going to have to try vinegar in my water. I love tartness, and I am getting *really* bored with regular water (I have to drink it pretty much constantly to stay hydrated).
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[User Picture]From: elainegrey
2018-06-05 06:22 pm (UTC)

Drinking vinegar/shrubs

This is a wonderful addiction. While you can certainly just add vinegar, adding flavors becomes a wonderful way to extend the life of summer produce. Here are some references to get you started.



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