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Summer Saturday

In homeowner woes, the garage door has broken--metal fatigue--so the power opener no longer works. It may be motivation to replace the bottom-of-the-line garage door with something that suits us better. I'm imaging reducing the opening to that of a one car garage and having someone build carriage doors with windows that open. I don't think we will ever actually use it as a garage, and the previous owner installed enough cabinets and that it would be hard to use it as a two car garage. We do want to use it as a workshop-studio. I'd imagined walling it off completely with windows -- it's a northern exposure -- but i couldn't quite visualize it agreeing with the rest of the house. More weathered cedar and windows that look like the other windows though would be very agreeable.

We are ready for the guys to get the stumps out and grade the orchard except for one burn pile of vines, which resisted one attempt at burning. I'm thinking i'm just going to douse the pile with gas. I feel guilty but it's wet. I chipped the last piles in the orchard area yesterday, and Christine carried a stack of four foot logs to the glade, where we installed a zig-zag fence. These are pioneer fences made by just stacking wood, traditionally split rails, still to be seen up along the Blue Ridge parkway. The one i made near the meadow is less aesthetic right now because i'm also stacking extra wood along its length in preparation of more zig-zag fencing under the walnut where we currently have a pile of stumps.

Once that pile is gone and the grading complete, i will be making a two year achievement image: i look back on an early panorama of the west side of the house and note just how much work we have done to reclaim the area from overgrowth.

Yesterday afternoon we went out and saw Solo and then went to REI. Solo was delightful, althought i remember the moment when i realized L3-37 was going to die. What a crappy trope, which i now know is "fridging". I did like L3-37. Oh, for some universe where K-2SO (from Rogue One) and L3-37 get to go off and liberate the rest of droid kind. . For Reasons™ we will be seeing it again with friends -- plans that firmed up while we were in the theater. I won't mind. REI I bought hiking boots for walking Carrie: ankle support and nice new springy footbeds. I'll continue to wear the shoes without ankle support to work in the mud. While we were out there was an hour power outage and 1.34 inches of rain. Christine worries that it will never dry out enough for Eddie the Grader to come visit.

I also made spearmint syrup and beet shrub. A deer has discovered my garden and nibbled down the peanuts, beans, and hibiscus. Fie. I think the beans may have had enough of a head start that they might actually survive. I'll spray the Plantskydd around today.

I'm going to skip Meeting today. I so want to make progress outside chipping the pile under the walnut. The more i chip, the less we pay to be hauled, the more chips i have for mulch.

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