E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

Tuesday night we went out to the Radiotopia live performance in Durham, which was enjoyable. Having a late night out and another early-ish morning meeting was less so.

There's a little thread of crankiness winding through yesterday, and even this morning i don't feel entirely rested. I wanted to leave the window open last night to let cool air in. I forgot that when we sleep at 60°F thermostat settings we also have a hefty comforter on the bed. And i'm not confident the air condition didn't run either (being too tired to have the sense to turn it off). The thermostat was measuring 70°F in the hall on the other side from our bedroom and 56°F outside when i peered at it blearily this morning at 5 am.

Aside: my theory is that in the summer we should cool the place down as much as reasonable over night, when the temperature gradient is lower. Then the thermostat shifts to a set point much warmer as the sun comes up. The overnight cooling lasts well past midday, then we hold at the warmer set point.

In my wakefulness i tried to solve a frustrating problem with my phone & smart watch by disconnecting & reinstalling software. The app crashed again after all the rigamarole, so i'm not optimistic i resolved anything.

Meanwhile, a 10 HP chipper that handles 3" diameter sticks is on its way to our home. At the moment, it's due the evening of the last day of my planned long weekend of yard work, which is disappointing. On the other hand, oh, we'll have our own chipper! While the 6" diameter chipper we rented was FABULOUS, it required stashing enough wood and stuff around to make it worth our while. And that was ugly. We can stash the 3" to 6" diameter wood in woodpiles that don't look problematic and, if we decide we want to chip those, we can wait until we have enough. Or, we can just give it away -- which is what we've done with a good bit of the winter logs.

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