E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

Bored, not bored. Bored, not bored.

One of the things that my therapist has pointed out is that i might be bored at work. And i was beginning to appreciate that it might be the case, when i was invited to two big planning meetings in a row. I spent a couple hours talking to the organizer before the meetings, bringing her up to speed.

One thing that strikes me is that all the things we are scheduled to plan are things i figured we'd need to implement, so i've designed our infrastructure to support them -- or i thought teams were already using existing infrastructure to support them. (*cough* Team X doesn't support that already?)

But, because everyone in the meetings hasn't spent time thinking about these things, i need to communicate succinctly the existing (or prepared but waiting on other teams) support so folks can frame their desires in the same mental model. It was a pleasure.

This pulse of activity isn't going to last, though, so finding something appropriate to do in the interim before the next pulse is on my list.

I think i'm going to take responsibility for convening an international group to work on a future visioning project. It's NOT the type of thing i would prefer as a challenge -- more management less design -- but it's intimidating and would be good networking.

I do appreciate NOT being stressed to the limit. I feel i've recovered from the burn out i had for years. I am very aware of how much work the team has done to support functionality that the company backed out of supporting and then wants yet again. When i was burnt out that made me bitter, but now i am much more at peace with the pattern. The edge of bitterness is still there, because i know how hard people have worked to deliver urgently needed functionality to find that the product team has changed their mind -- it's hard to write up praise messages that go out to the company that say, "To the X team for building the Y, which the Z team wanted but isn't going to use after all." This planning discussion _may_ be a sign of a process that will be more functional.

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