E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

I am hoping for fewer aches today. Many joints seems to be whining these days. It's not the same as what i was labeling arthritic aches: these seem more irritable. As if my sit bones were cranky and snapped at my shoulder which then had words with my unhappy right ankle and knees.

It's my unhappy right ankle because i didn't pamper it after spraining it two years ago. At least i've not had any new miserable sprains.

Anyhow. Gosh, i'm going to be excellent at being an unpleasant old lady. Anyhow: chiropractic or massage asap? Or new shoes? I hate buying shoes. Sigh.

There's a frost warning out and i'm just hoping it had nothing to do with my yard, because my special holy basil is sitting out under the dogwood acclimating and the peonies have more buds than you would believe.

I dreamed last night of seeing a tiny lot for sale for a dollar beside a road. The landscape was sort of industrial brown field near wetlands-ish, perhaps like in Fremont, CA. The narrow lot had a singlewide trailer on it (which would be going away when the lot was sold). The lot was encircled with a chainlink fence, and by the road the fence was wide enough for lost things to be sitting on top of it. My old sewing machine, cellphone, and keychain were there. I asked after buying it: there were two scientific study sites (possibly superfund monitoring sites>) that had easements. I was still interested. In the fuzzy mind of waking up i realized it would be a perfect site for a little house and i started planning what i would plant there.

It's been almost a week since i was all burbly with happiness at my last therapy session. It's definitely worn off. I blame the aching, but also the sense of being too busy.

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