E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

Carolina Wrens

Carrie has an intense and somewhat worried look as she watches the birds this morning.

Christine came to me yesterday near the end of work and said, "There's a lot of bird activity in your green house." I jumped up, "Little brown birds?" And yes, there in the back corner of the top shelf was a wren nest. He'd pulled apart the planting cells, dumping the seedlings and nested in their place. Lovely pine needles and moss construction, i admit, but MY BABY PLANTS.

(Not that they're thriving. I am not sure what to try next year. More attention, i guess. I'll analyze the temperature sensors and maybe get an idea.)

I've strapped a flat sided quart sized planter to the deck railing next to the greenhouse. It looks like a newspaper delivery box that are often installed under rural mailboxes. The nest i relocated to the little shelter. This morning the birds seemed to inspect that location. And one negotiated the more closed up greenhouse to inspect the previous nest location. I think they'll be off to some other nest location. That's the best for them, because the greenhouse is in a high traffic location for all the critters residing inside this nest. And most of the residents here are carnivores and predators.

Last night Christine came out with me and we sat on the bench in the glade in the moonlight. So sweet to be out in the slight chill, looking up at the low scudding white clouds against the stars. It was very bright when the moon was free of clouds: i could almost see the pink of the saucer magnolia in front of our house. The tall pines sounded like ocean waves as they swayed back and forth in the wind. The best part was that we didn't have to spend the night in a tent, but could return to our cozy cottage. (Since i'm not doing well posting photos, here's the zillow listing.)

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