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I'm excited. One of the sweet little spring ephemerals on the east coast is Spring Beauty (Claytonia virginica). I remember discovering it in Ohio -- ha, i have the notes, 2012-03-20 -- and being taken with its delicate pink markings on the white flower. Last year I'd seen them here when we walked Carrie down Bent Tree Rd in the creeks flood plain. And a month later i found some blooming under the horrible Tree of Heaven on the septic field (on April 1st!). I read up on transplanting them -- and found one tiny tuber. That i planted in the "courtyard" -- a little sheltered nook bordered by kitchen, porch, garage, and side walk on the north side of the house.

I forgot how different in time the blooming was down by the creek in the sunshine and in the deep shade of the overgrown septic field. I'd given up on seeing the flowers this year. At lunch i stepped out of the house and found what appears as four small plants each with a few flowers each! I know i looked over there yesterday, noticing that the lady fern had sprouted up. I transplanted those plants, too, in a rescue from the damage that would happen with the tree of heaven removal.

I've realized we have the technology: i'm going to set up our GoPro to watch the garden while i'm gone. I can see it grow (fingers crossed) in timelapse when i get back.

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