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The Weather Underground: i have fond memories of pre "world wide web" interaction with the weather underground data, adding chron jobs (a unix scheduling system) to automatically retrieve satellite images for my desktop images on the SGI irises in the lab. I've a sudden sense of the noisy equipment the industrial drab greens, tans, and greys, the fluorescent lighting, the grime everywhere. Fond memories! Although this retrospect does point to some conditions that aggravated my depression, but my memory of Philly, on the whole, has a grimy layer over much of it, probably from all the processing plants near the airport.

I've apparently been paying the Weather Underground since 2006 for their reporting, and i've been delighted with it. They've since been bought by The Weather Channel, circa 2012, and i really didn't notice anything disappointing there. What i hadn't realized is that The Weather Company has been bought by IBM in April 2015. https://www.ibm.com/weather

Hrmph, so that's even less encouraging since i was reminiscing because lately the website has become so flaky.

I went to look, because i was wondering about when the precise time of full moon will be. Last night, i looked up and thought the moon looked like a pearl in a nacreous shell, as it glowed through a low scrim of clouds, creating hints of pinks and purples. A few stars were visible as well, and i heard the first cricket in the night. Frogs have been singing for a long while: there have only been a few nights in March when the woods were silent.

Tags: night watch

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