E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

Feeling extremely moody this morning, but as the clouds break and winter changes to summer at 11 am today (my sister says 2 pm) my mood will brighten. Last night when i stepped out the sky was glowing as low clouds diffused the moonlight.

Yesterday evening i planted pink and purple kernels of the popcorn. The inner critic points out that the layout will be ineffective for pollination and other worries. My intentional self tries to encourage that critical voice to shut up about "doing it right" and let go into the experimentation. I never got around to amending the soil this year, i'm planting where brassicas are growing, too -- it's an experiment, not a graded endeavor.

It's all possibility right now. Maybe the seeds in the seed tape will all sprout in the next week and they haven't been planted too deep or too shallow or too early or too dry. Maybe some of the potatoes won't drown. Maybe the poppies will self thin. Maybe i'll be able to get some trees started from the flat that cold stratified in the garage. Maybe the pawpaws will sprout. Maybe the chestnut sprouts will show some more growth. And if they don't? I'll learn more about seed starting mixes and .... I'm just a beginner.

Oh, there's a Carolina wren carrying nesting material. Good luck and please don't build in the bonfire pile.

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