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I woke at 5:30, thought "I'll go to the living room and won't wake Christine," and next thing i knew it was 7:30. I guess i needed the sleep. Having many days this week when i felt my reserves were down, restoration is a priority.

This week:
* snow! A beautiful snowfall over an hour resulted in a powdery blanket on the deck and the moss, and immediate melting.
* dips into the upper 20°s in the dawn hours.
* The peonies are protected and thriving, with many buds. I was not expecting blooms this year after transplanting them.
* Houstonia pusilla finished blooming. I hope i can find the tiny plants and collect seed. It is a smaller, more purple bluet i've never noticed before living in this house, and i want to make sure it survives.
* Took the camera with me walking Carrie around the local community college (Christine calls the trail "the tenure track")and shot photos of the blooming speedwell (European), henbit (Eurasian), and the local violets. I can't figure out how to compose a photo that captures the low western light through the grove of black walnuts, the glow of backlight spring greens and the delight of the many violets -- the violets aren't really visible until you are standing over them. The experience is a composite of impressions. Maybe if i had a violet in foreground and was shooting up into the trees? Not easy while walking Carrie.
* still feel i can wander back in the woods -- the green wall isn't there yet and i may have learned the landscape enough that going back isn't quite the mystery it was. Also, no ticks yet!
* worries about bursitis, as a knee i'd bruised some weeks ago in a fall down the front stairs felt "spongy" -- this morning it's not there.
* otherwise, generally good health!
* beating myself up for delayed writing to California friends about my coming trip - people will be gone.
* worries about missing the first week of April in my yard.
* first "regular" cleaning visit by cleaners and the acquisition of a new dryer had many irregularities which is not good for Christine's elephants. There was a great deal of unnecessary stress, particularly around the sale of the dryer by an associate in training, but it will all be good in the long run.
* carrying weight for a colleague and friend whose spouse died in a tragic and unexpected way. This colleague is out on medical leave and had work performance issues before leaving (related issues). They rent in the bay area and were already distressed about finding a new place more affordable.
* work was OK but i bailed on some meetings to focus on privacy policy work driven by the GDPR (and because of feeling drained) -- a European law going into effect in May -- (presumably many folks are getting emails from online systems explaining how GDPR is being handled? I've seen three this week)

Ok, why does "an European law" sound wrong. Is there some exception to the a/an article consonant/vowel distinction that applies?

I read The Murder of Mary Russell (fourteenth in Laurie R King's series featuring Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes) which had a fascinating moral landscape and back story for Mrs Hudson. I can't manage to get into Artemis the second novel by Andy Weir of The Martian fame. I appreciate the main character and the detail, but ... perhaps it's more "caper" than science fiction and i just won't click.

My phone theoretically measures stress, and this morning i pinned the high stress meter. I know my jaw feels a little clenched. I just now measured quite low. I don't know what this is really measuring (Although the blood oxygen and pulse seem reasonable and not nearly as extreme.) Apparently, i'm not the only one unimpressed: https://www.forbes.com/sites/sharifsakr/2014/05/29/samsung-s-health-stress-monitor-hands-on

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