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Last Thursday i found we needed to be tracking our time completely, not just projects that need financial tracking. I am now wise to the way of this company and see this as a bit of a pendulum swing back to a place we've been before. I even had the memo with all the details on how to charge almost every minute from 2011.

So, i've invested in a few things. First, and most effectively, is the $5 for ATracker PRO Time Tracker for iPad. (There's an Android version.) I would heartily recommend this to anyone who wants to track how time is spent.. It looks like i can export data in cvs format, and the data stays on my iPad otherwise. So, private and fairly intuitive to use.

I tried out the paid version of rescuetime which tracks every moment on one's computer. I don't think it works as there's little distinction between time categories and the tools i am using. If i wasn't clicking "break" when i switch to reading non-work things on the internet, it might be useful, but it'd can't distinguish emails on the European privacy law vs emails about implementing logout.

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Today we had lovely fluffy snow for an hour or so in the morning, accumulation on the deck, and just as quickly it melted away.

The elephant is weighing heavily on me today, to the point where i want to complain more pointedly. Being around someone who is struggling with a problem valiantly, diligently but still struggling takes spoons from the companion, too. I know she's operating without reserves, but i'm also getting low. I'm not sure what to do about it, other than hope that we'll both have a chance to recover a little -- unfortunately, i think my travel in early April plays into the situation in a negative way, so recovery may not be on the schedule until i return. (Oh look, in my last post i said it would be in early February. Brain??)

Weather doesn't look like it will be mild and soothing for the next ten days, either. Nonetheless, spring refuses to be held off. A sheltered dogwood is blooming, and the brilliantly blue red azalea has one flower open -- shortly to become a blaze.

I give up, i'm going to go get a box of cookies.

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