E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

Morning mental meanderings

I am happy to be back on my work laptop after spilling tea on it during a sweeping gesture Friday morning. But not glad enough to focus on work. Oh me.

I am happy to see the bright blue sky after yesterday's rain. I finally got to watch the gutters drain down the ditch-ette we dug when we first moved here and then continue under the driveway to the east yard. Our driveway was not washing away, hurrah. Now to dig a formal retaining area for that run off. There's nothing wrong with letting that end of the yard become a great puddle -- it percolates into the soil quickly enough -- but i'd prefer something intentional. Also -- less to mow!

Other delights from yesterday -- planting a flat of seeds and firing up all my adjustments to the greenhouse. I'll need to be careful not to cook all the seeds. On the other hand, i do have little worries about what to do with so many seedlings if they all sprout. There is a "coldframe" i received at the same time as the greenhouse. The "coldframe" seemed ... poorly designed ... in that it is held up in the air, not down on the ground, thus prone to chilling all night. I suppose i could use that to shelter some of the tender seedlings.

We also had a fellow come over and look at the cabinet in which the catbox resides. The cats can't keep to the pan, and while it's better to have misses end up in the cabinet, it still has the issue of odoriferous elements ending up on more or less porous surfaces. We will now have an aluminum box that lines the bottom and sides of the cabinet with a little partition to separate the litter area from the area where they can shake off their feet. It's about a dollar a day for 13 months, which is well worth it to not hear Christine's disgust and frustration every day. I initially thought "yikes" at the price, but it certainly is an effective place to throw money to improve day to day life for all of us.

The part i should celebrate most is that i dealt with a particularly unappetizing glutinous cold yam, writing a letter to one of Christine's family members to communicate how their choices had signaled disrespect. It's something i've carefully been thinking about, carefully drafting, trying to ensure i own the interpretation, that i have been as generous in the interpretation as i can be, and ensure i'm not putting anything but, "This is the signal i have received from you, and you can have the method of signaling back," in the letter. I did my best to minimize the opportunity for drama, particularly spilling over to the family. I was offended, and now they know that i was offended. "EG told me she was offended [by the thing i did]!" I'm sure there are ways to turn this into drama, but i'm clear that my action is simply drawing attention to what at best was a thoughtlessly cruel behavior.


It had been on my to do list for a week.

Boom, done.

Also, i sure hope i'm reading the regulations re forever stamps correctly. Apparently first class 1 oz mail is 50¢ now, so 4 Forever stamps on a possibly 4 oz mailpiece that is less than $2 to mail should be sufficient?

I sure hope this clears my mind enough that i can get to work!

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