E.G. (elainegrey) wrote,

Saturday exertions

Some time ..last week? the week before? i noticed the "collection" of citations for my general reading was gone. Since one can delete a collection but leave the citations, i thought that's what i had done. Then Friday night i realized the citations were gone. Several years of reading notes, and 2017's watching notes, gone.

I spent much of yesterday morning trying to find the latest stale copy of the database to use to recover the citations. I found one from Jan 1st, so i've only lost about 20-25 days -- and i think i can recover the books i've read from Overdrive.

That was absorbing enough that i needed to bolt to get to the NIA class i'm attending with my sister and mother. NIA is a aerobic-ish class that mingles yoga, tai chi, aikido, and dance. My sister realized it would be a good thing to do with my mom, and, indeed, i think it is. Not top of my list of things to do, and my mom's a little resistant as well, but it is a lovely joy and love and compassion filled community. As a duty it is delightful.

I begrudge a little the energy not going to the yard.

Yesterday was very mild, and so i also got out and planted the daffodil bulbs i'd dug up in Dec, crocus bulbs and onions i'd bought on a whim, the peony i'd dug up, and the peony from Christine's Aunt Rachel i was certain had died in the long freeze, sitting in a planter. The peony i dug up i failed to have patience to properly divide. We'll see if the smaller root bits manage to cope. Digging was yet another energy expense, although the slow melt of the snow meant the clay was just the right moisture to be easy but not a mess.

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